Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Trip PS

I thought that this was a cool response to my comments in Jamie's  comment box:

 Adrian, you have my utmost respect and prayers. I hope your sleep is recovering. God bless you. - Meg Davis

My grateful response:

Thank you,  Meg.  That comment was made at the end of a LONG day but it was honest.  (One of  the things that I love about Jamie is her honesty.)  This next comment is honest too:  :)   My new daughter is also the sweetest, cutest, smartest, little thing in America or China.  This experience has been one of the most amazing of my life.  I've seen glimpses of some of the worst sides of humanity and some of the best.  My daughter was LOVED by a foster mother who very literally had little to give her other than her love. This, for a little girl who is not easy to take care of (much harder with her VERY limited resources) and who was only temporary in her life.  I stand in awe of this woman.  My hope has been buoyed, my gratitude deepened (seriously, thank God for the USA - it may not be perfect but it is awesome,) and the callouses on my feet toughened :).  That's how it always works, the hardest stuff reaps the best stuff.  You always get both. And, it's always worth it.  (Yeah, ask me again, tonight when I NEED sleep. hahahahaha)

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