Friday, August 17, 2012

July 19: Day

On this day, we headed to Green Mountain, the highest point in Nanning.

You knew, right, that I'd have to post another traffic picture? :)

This was really cool. It was a long covered walkway that meandered up the side of Green Mountain.  Very nifty.

I love the fact that you can see the city through the trees.

It was good to have Glen along to answer questions about Q-Boo.  A lady here, started a conversation with Glen and when I heard him laugh and say, "She says, 'She (Lyric) doesn't look like a western baby,' " I turned around. She was kidding and very interested in us. I actually understood Glen when he said "Ling Yong." :)

Ah, there she is, the object of much discussion, in the flesh.

We saw all kinds of cool stuff at the top of the walkway including this depiction of a famous Chinese fairytale about an Emperor who goes to India to get wisdom.  With him goes the Monkey King as guide, a pig Monk and an assassin (who carries the luggage - for some reason this just tickles me, an assassin who carries the luggage. <giggle>)

Lyric was following this woman around, staring very intently at her pretty yellow shoes. :)


Off in the distance we saw the Dragon and Elephant Pagoda...

... so we drove over there.

Q-Boo was really beginning to warm up to her dad. She'd let him hold her for VERY limited time periods and only cry a medium amount.  (Although, I must say that she WAILED through my shower that morning and I found her lying on the ground next to her dad, just devastated. She wouldn’t get up and come to me, I had to pick her up.)

The Dragon and Elephant Pagoda was 9 stories tall (again 9, the perfect number in China) and was a monument to soldiers killed in WWI.

We started hiking up the spiral staircases but I gave up after a couple of floors, I was tired and I had a 20lb+ "pack" connected to me.  K-Man and Glen went the rest of the way and while I waited, a guy asked if he could take a picture with me and Lyric.  It sorta reminded me of the little girls at the bottom of the Great Wall who approached our table of tourists and asked, "We practice our English?"  They stayed for a while and when they left they gave us each a little cake.  We were truly strangers in a strange land - at least, the locals found us strange. ;p

This was at the top of the pagoda.

And, this was the view. Everywhere that  you looked, there seemed to be construction. There are 6 million people in Nanning with the suburbs adding another 3 million. A million more are expected to move in after all the construction is completed. Glen told us that most cities in China have major construction going on.

Fish represent prosperity (horses represent success, I like that :) ) in China so you see them a lot, in paintings and in real life.

We had so much fun with Glen that we invited him and his wife out to dinner that night. His choice.

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