Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July 17

The site of this on this morning made me happy. I made that quilt and Ting the Owl long before I'd ever seen Q-Boo's face or knew her name or kissed her little nose, they were literally objects of hope and there they are covering up the fulfillment of all that hope.

After she woke up and we'd bathed her, we started dressing her, she loved it and held out her feet for her shoes and pointed to herself for her dress. We got her totally dressed and then I decided to take some of her clothes off because it was HOT but she cried so much that we left it on. She stomped all over our hotel room in her new clothes.

This morning we were on our way to meet everybody at the Guangxi Social Welfare Institute to register the adoption.

As we pulled up and walked in, I could see Lyric's nanny through the glass, she was looking at Lyric with such intensity that I knew she was desperate to hold her again.  (This is NOT easy on any of the adults, either.) I unsnapped the carrier and handed Lyric to the nanny but she immediately started to cry and reached for me.  The nanny said something to the extent of, "she wants her mommy," and the crowd of Chinese people waiting to visit their elderly (a social welfare institute is like a nursing home and sometimes, as in the one that Lyric was connected with, also an orphanage) laughed and started clapping. Trauma bond or not, I'm not gonna lie, that made me feel good.

Lyric calmed down after she'd been safely returned to me.

It was here that we figured out that Lyric understands and speaks a dialect native to her hometown, Hepu. (There are about 150 different dialects spoken in China. I had no idea.) We realized this because, after we got upstairs to the offices, Lyric was stomping around and we were laughing at her and the nanny (who is from Lyric's hometown)  said that Lyric said "pretty shoes," in her native dialect. Those pretty shoes are still favorites and they will go in her Life Box. (A Life Box is a box that is kept with all her papers and keepsakes.) Later, after we were done, she was babbling along and Glen laughed and told us, “I can’t understand a word she’s saying.”  He says that her dialect is probably like Cantonese with a twist. It does sorta  help alleviate my guilt of her losing her Mandarin if she never spoke it to begin with. :)

She's stomping around in her "pretty shoes."

And, voila! Our newest family member.

We said good-bye to the folks from Lyric's  orphanage and then we headed to the Department of Justice for the Local Province to finish up and it's done. She's legally ours in China and the US.

Now, we wait for her passport to be finished up.


  1. That is NOT the building we ever went to!!! Seriously. My how fast things change in 2 years!!!!! LOL

  2. That was the Civil Affairs building, the Department of Justice was much less impressive.