Sunday, June 3, 2012

Don't Ever...

So far, this week:
I've gotten down on my hand and knees and SCRUBBED
(well, I used one of those Sonic Scrubbers-that's "scrubbing," right? )
Lyric's bathroom floor.
Left side -"after"
Right side- "befo

I've gotten a new 'do!

I also, actually, bought and put on make-up. 
This is significant because 
I haven't worn make-up in so long that, well ...
Middle Child, who is 6 1/2 yso, looked at my face 
and his mouth suddenly fell open in disgust, 
he took a step backwards and exclaimed, 
"WHAT is on your face? Is that lipstick?"
"Yes, it's lipstick."
"Don't kiss me with that stuff on you!"

I even bought toenail polish  
but (Holy Mess, Batman!) 
it's been so long since I've actually used this stuff that
I can't get up the guts to try it. 

I've even been checking out tattoos.
This one is really cool.
Let me be clear: I got this picture of this tattoo off of Pinterest.
 It is NOT my back. Nor my tattoo.
But I am wondering if
I might like one similar to it.

... Let Anyone Tell You 
That Adoption Hormones Aren't Real.
They Are. They Definitely Are.

(PS Chinese Visa Applications: Done & Sent!
New GUESStimation for travel is early August.
Still, we're closer than we've ever been before. Right? Right! Right.)

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