Tuesday, June 26, 2012


"We're going to China!"

Wanna hear it?  Click here and then click on the speaker symbol inside of the left-hand side box.

Wow. What vowels!

We did it! We received word that we'd gotten Travel Approval (TA!) yesterday, June 25, and I cried all the way through dinner at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. :)  We are winding down fast and I can give you an actual date that we leave to go TO CHINA!!!

The date is... <drum roll, dramatic music, scary screamy sounds, sappy Disney tunes - whatever it takes to get your heart pumping!>

(Just so you know, this date really means one thing more than any other thing, right?

More waiting <ugh!> but this time, we know exactly how much waiting. And, it just ain't that much waiting.)

My personal joke, that I've told myself to keep myself laughing, is that this adoption process has been developed secretly to wean out the crazies. hahahaha If you can do this thing without completely snapping and coming apart then okay, they'll really let you have the kid. Of course, you may have to be a certain amount of crazy to attempt to do this thing in the first place. <wink>

Well, we must be the right amount of crazy 'cause the crazy boat leaves on July 11 and we're on it!

Gotcha Day is July 16, so EXACTLY 20 days from now, that baby girl will be in my arms.

This is the boys' idea of what a "crazy boat" would look like.

All aboard!

(Oh, good grief, I have so much to do - clothes to be washed, bags to be packed,  lists to be made, stuff to do, paperwork to be gathered! I gotta go!)

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