Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Official!

Tuesday, I went out to the front porch and found a package, which is really not that uncommon -  I DETEST real life shopping but online shopping is awesome. It felt like a toddler's board book through the envelope. I don't remember ordering the kids another book.


And, it was addressed to us, from us, with the UPS store's address as the return address.



... so I tore it open - our passports.

I opened up the passports just to make sure that they'd sent us the right ones and there they were!  Chinese Visas on a page in each passport.

(photo via my brother-in-law, JC, I have no idea where he got it. 
He's never been to Spain to run with the bulls, that I know of.  
Also, he still has all of his appendages which would NOT 
seem to be the case of whomever took this shot.
- I have this huge feeling that this is a famous photo from somewhere ... 
oh well, no matter, it sums it up perfectly!)

After nearly 16 months of battling the Paperwork Bull, we have Visas for China!

 ("Paperwork Bull," hahahaha I crack myself up.)

Visas for China.

It's really happening.

Yee Haw!

OH, OH, OH!!!  TODAY, I opened up my email and found this:

the "U.S. Consulate issued your Article 5...our staff confirmed today that they got it last week and sent it to Beijing so the CCCWA can process your travel approval." 


This is the last step before they issue us Travel Approval - the dates that we leave for China.  We should have TA in about 3 weeks and be able to leave 3 to 6 weeks after that.  So, in 6 to 9 weeks we'll be China bound!



  1. Or you my case from Article 5 to LEAVING for China was 36 days. That can happen too, especially if you request a consulate appointment of first available. ;)

    1. Does "Now!" roughly translate as "first available?" :)